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Feedbacks Received

Aug 12, 2017.
...good video quality even though these classic series released many years ago. My Mom loves it! Cam on!
Tai Phan, Sweden.

Jun, 2017.
Chat luong phim rat tot, cam on chu tiem!
Ms. Ngan, USA.

Mar 21, 2017.
I just received my last order, the quality is excellent. I really love your selections, it's amazing.
Thank you
Khanh, USA.

Dec 2, 2016. quality is awesome. I will order again soon. Thanks much!
Hanh, USA.

Sep 6, 2016.
Received all my orders and video are very good quality...

Jul 11, 2016.
I just want to say....,
Thank you again for my order of dvds.
The qualities are awesome!
And the services are great.
I am so glad that I am part of your customers.
I would like to post my feed on your website to let everyone knows.
I know my sisters & a younger brother who loves to watch phim bo that I have told them that I have place it online.
Even my Mom loves all the phim bo that I recently place so thank you for letting me be part of your customers.
Ms. Cao (Jasmine), USA.

Apr 29, 16.
Thank you very much as alway you guy keep up the excellent work I'll recommend more people to the site awesome select pair with exceptional customer service thank you again have a wonderful day.
Anh Sanh, US.

Feb 21, 16.
I have always had satisfactory service with CollectPhimBo, thank you for having this item available.
Mr. Mercedes, US.

Jan 7, 16.
My father recieved the DVDs today and said they were of excellent video quality. Thank you very much, I showed him your webpage so he may select a new show soon!
David, USA

Feb 2, 14.
I love your remux quality, will be back for more!
Vivian, USA
Note: Vivian bought 11 series + 20 single movies - all are hd & retail remux.

Nov 1, 13.
...Cam on phim rat dep. Hen lan sau!

Sept 23, 13.
Toi vua nhan duoc order , cam on rat nhieu phim ban rat ro va dep. Toi se tiep tuc tro lai mua phim cua ban.

May 5, 13.
...extremely good quality. There are many series we have been looking for and glad that we found them at your store, will order again soon!
Xuan & Hong, USA

Apr 12, 13.
Phim cua ong chat luong HD man anh rong rat ro va mau hinh rat dep...
Ms. Mai, USA

Jan 8, 13.
Good video quality, thank u!
Vicky, USA

Nov 22, 12.
I just received my order yesterday and I am very satisfied with the color and clear..
Luu, USA

Sept 2, 12.
First of all, thanks for getting the movie quality that's exceptional. That's why I have been buying and will continue to buy movies from you. I will order some more movies today or tomorrow. I am just wondering if you can...
Trung, USA.

Jun 8, 12.
Phim cua anh rat ro. Em se tro lai mua them phim cua anh...
Tin, USA.

May 11, 12.
...package arrived fast and good video quality. Very happy with my order, thank you!
Tom, UK.

Feb 20, 12.
...bought 9 series and all are very very clear picture. We are happy with the video quality and will buy more from you guys...
Anh, USA.

Dec 20, 11.
Thanks You So Much Anh My Movie Came today let me tell you this all your movie are so good .. i mean super good ... i promise i will buy more after i done watching all of this movie ... your movie are like super clear . i have a question
Tin, USA.

Oct 21, 11.
I'd like to thank you for excellent service. I ordered 6 series, and all are good quality. I am very pleased....
Mai, USA.

Oct 03, 11.
..I have bought movies from other stores, and yours is the best quality...
Ben, USA.

Aug 22, 11.
Toi da nhan duoc phim hom nay. Phim cua ong rat ro nhu la xem phim trong rap. Co nhung phim ra da lau toi tim khong thay va da tim duoc o tiem cua ong. Toi se tro lai mua them phim cua ong nua. Cam on ong nhieu nhe.
Phan, USA.
*Mr. Phan da mua hon 50 phim le cua tiem chung toi*

Jul 10, 11. first time order from your store and I am pleased with the picture and color look nicely on my HD....
B. Chau, USA.

May 22, 11.
Chao Anh,
Phim cua anh chat luong rat ro. Chi trong 3 ngay toi da nhan duoc. Cam on anh rat nhieu.

Mar 19, 11.
Hi collect phim bo!!
___Truoc kia minh co mua phim cua ban, va phim rat ok, hinh anh ro rang...hom nay minh co order them vai bo phim nua, minh thuong mua phim cua ban co...
Quang, Australia

Mar 15, 11.
I am impressed with the professional ordering system you have and you personally follow up with customer re: their orders. We do the same (in a bigger scale) with our customers, international and US. I will buy more from your online store and recommend to others (Vietnamese, of course). Thanks
Bich, USA

Mar 7, 11.
Hi, this is my 3rd time buying products from your company and I'd like to say that I'm very pleased with the quality and service of the DVDs...
Hang, USA

Dec 12, 10.
I have order a few times from you. You have the best quality dvd i ever seen i love the way you create them...
Stephanie, USA

Oct 10, 10.
...I satisfied with the products, it's lucid and transparent ( the best and high quality)..

August 20, 10.
This is the second time I ordered from your store. Everytime was perfect! I am very pleased with your service and quality of your video...
Diana, USA.

August 5, 10
Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service! I will be leaving a feedback on your site for the amazing help you have given us...
Hannah, USA

Jun 26, 10.
... Also, I just want to let you know that I like the quality of your movie a lot.
Hung, USA