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Frequently Asked questions

Q. All movies long tieng Viet?
All movies are long tieng Viet (many voices dubbed). We do not sell phim Thuyet Minh (one voice dubbed).

Q. What is 100% real DVD?
100% real dvd means movies/series released in DVD not VHS tape recorded to DVD. Picture is much clearer and nicer compared to VHS tape recorded. This is similar to a modern digital cell phone and an old analog phone. VHS tape is analog and DVD is digital. Digital voice and video images are much nicer and clearer than analog. Hence, quality of 100% Real DVD is far better, nicer and clearer compared to VHS Tape recorded to DVD.

Q. There are many websites sell phimbo, sale, special offer! Is your high quality? can you guarrantee for that?
We always collect high quality phimbo. We have both compressed and uncompressed dvds. Look for 100% Real DVD in the description of the movies and total set 5 DVDs and up, we guarantee it is the finest.