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Hoang Phi Hung - Wong Fei Hung

Complete set 5 Parts - 10 DVD
Audio: Vietnamese
Video: Excellent Quality 100% Real DVDs
Starring: Trieu Van Trac, Thieu My Ky, Trinh Tac Sy, Trinh Boi Boi, Ngo Dai Dung, Mac Thieu Thong, Lam Bao Di, La Hue Quyen
1. Vo Dau Tuong Quan - The Headless General (Retail Remux)
2. Bat Dai Thien Vuong - The Eight Assassins (Retail Remux)
3. Cau Chuyen Thieu Lam - The Suspicious Temple (Retail Remux)
4. Cach Mang Tan Hoi - Final Victory (Retail Remux)
5. The Ky Thoi Dai - Modern Century (Viet Retail)

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  • Manufactured by: TVB
Hoang Phi Hung - Wong Fei Hung